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The Digital Library of the National Film Archive includes titles from the collections of The  National Film Archive Library in Prague with a focus on film and cinematography published in the territory of today's Czech Republic during the period 1903-2016 in Czech and German. There are film periodicals, newspapers, journals, newsletters of film professional unions and associations, popular spectator journals, correspondence, film yearbooks, but also other texts and publications. A part of the content about 14,300 pages is accessible on free internet.

Our priority was selected to the protective reformatting (microfilming and digitization) periodicals threatened disintegration and embrittlement of paper, fading fonts and mechanical damage. A number of titles in the Digital Library of the NFA is gradually expanding depending on financial possibilities (i. e. the Programme of the Ministry of Culture Public Library Information Services VISK7 - National program of microfilming and digital accessibility of the document threatened by degradation of acid paper - Kramerius with more than 30% deductible NFA, own expense NFA, subsidies of international projects EFG and EFG1914).

Contemporary digitized documents are subject protected by copyright and are available in the studyroom of The National Film Archive Library and in the NFA intranet, therefore they are freely available for most titles only descriptive information (metadata). Our library’s users have a remote access to digital library and other licensed resources through their reader's account as part of the library’s services. This access is active during the period covered their membership card (one year from the date of payment of the fee to the library).

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2018-06-12 Mgr. Pavla Janásková, Head of the NFA Library


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